Design brand Prostoria was created from the desire to transmit the love for aesthetics to everyday objects. The company considers aesthetic as a necessity but also acknowledges the importance of practical, functional and innovative which ultimately reflects in design of timeless objects.

Prostoria is a story about the reintroduction of continuity both in Croatia and Central Europe, a region that has a vital but insufficiently recognised design scene and exceptional tradition and knowledge of the furniture industry. Company has been developing an integrative approach, functioning as a collaboration platform that nourishes and stimulates continuous exchange of knowledge and experience between all the actors participating in the production of furniture.
So Prostoria has not only developed an impressive collection of considered furniture designs, it has set out to design the very platform on which the Croatian design industry can connect. Taking an integrative approach, the brand has cultivated a creative workshop-like stage, where young designers, expert craftspeople, production as well as materials specialists, and others are given the space and time to collaborate. Working with mostly local materials, Prostoria is more of an atelier project than production line.

 ‘Prostoria works closely and continuously with the designers in order to perfect the details, functionality and the construction. This way the development never ends. Understanding and patience are indispensable prerequisite of innovation. It’s about time and trust – about creating an authentic partnership.’

Polygon retains all traditional elements of a modernist chair, but deconstructs them, creating new relations between them. The resulting product has a somewhat defamiliarizing effect, seeming both familiar and distinctly contemporary.

Simetria coat stand is symmetrical on both axes but its appearance changes depending on the perspective: from a serene mathematical sculpture to a vibrant and almost disorganized composition.

The profile underlines two triangular prisms. They ensure the greatest thickness of the foam on the major points of support for the body when sitting.

Acknowledging the importance of functional & innovative and taking an integrative approach, Prostoria has cultivated a creative workshop-like stage, where young designers and expert craftspeople are given the space and time to collaborate. Because of the unique way of understanding the importance of design the company was awarded with many international awards like Interior Innovation Award by German Design Council, the Red Dot Design Award etc.⠀

Photos: Prostoria archive, Pinterest

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