utopiast’s co-founder shares her spring obsessions.

White shirt shouts SPRING with a thousand exclamation points. I’ve already wrote an ode to it here but seriously: what is not to love about a garment that so easily translates from bed to meeting and later to the beach?
I was always more of a silver fan but just recently I found myself obsessed with gold jewellery. So my grandma’s heritage and old vintage finds are finally getting the second chance they deserve.
I’ve never been into eyeshadows. Lipstick is actually the only non-neutral color I own. But somehow my Pinterest folders recently got full of warm spring glitter looks. So… I shift gears and go full-on glitter and shine on my eyelids this season.
I discovered hot yoga while living in Paris and I am hooked on it ever since. Every city I travel, I try to find a new studio and attend at least one class. There is something incredibly satisfying in doing yoga at 40 degrees Celsius – if you master this, you can basicaly do anything, right?
Seriously, how delicately beautiful are these minimal bouquets by Studio Mondine?

taken from @fash_rev!

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New fashion meme account on the block, @slowfashionmemes, produces “organic, certified fairtrade memes manufactured from natural fibres w/ living wage distributed transparently to ur feed faster than u can say primark”. LOL and politically engaged in equal measure? You’ve got my follow.
Another lucky Instagram find I discovered only a few days ago but have been diving deeper into reading it ever since. Hajinsky.com, the brand new fashion psychology magazine, provides insight into the human experience within the fashion industry and it is a great source for anyone interested into great fashion writing beyond standard trend reports.
This clip from the movie Call me by your name makes me inexplicably happy. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet: do it, just do it! It is a visual masterpiece, a beautiful story that will stay with you long after you watch it.

Photo credits: 1.  / in-grid.co, Amomento / 2. unknown source, Bepart / 3.  source unknown, Katie Jane Hughes (@katiejanehughes) via Instagram / 4. Robin Benzrihem via Unsplash / 5. Studio Mondine / 6. @slowfashionmemes via Instagram  / 7. hajinsky.com via Instagram / 8. Call me by your name

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