Meraki Handmade Bags


Established in Greece in late 2016 by Andie Skaraki & Elina Mavrommati, Meraki is the answer to designers’ need for pure design and the ambition to create beautiful timeless products. Natural elements, clean shapes and earthy colours are inspiration behind simple yet special minimal leather bags made of 100% premium quality leather and carefully handcrafted by local craftsmen.


Andie Skaraki & Elina Mavrommati

Place of origin




Products by Meraki

  • Ataraxia Clutch – black

  • Duende Leather Backpack – creamy white

  • Duende Leather Backpack – earthy brown

  • Duende Leather Backpack – warm grey

  • Fika Leather Pouch – creamy white

  • Fika Leather Pouch – earthy brown

  • Fika Leather Pouch – warm grey

  • Ikigai Bag – black

  • Ikigai Bag – creamy white

  • Ikigai Bag – earthy brown

  • Ikigai Bag – warm grey

  • Lagom Belt Bag – black

  • Lagom Belt Bag – creamy white

  • Lagom Belt Bag – earthy brown

  • Lagom Belt Bag – warm grey

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