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Bikafe Set


Kolektiv DVA uses traditional pottery making techniques to make their minimalist aesthetics come to life in the form of beautifully handcrafted accessories for the modern home. Unique yet versatile Bikafe set consists of a minimal cup for your daily shot of coffee and a beautiful plate. It is handmade using slip casting technique and glazed with prestigious matte glaze. The Bikafe set is dishwasher-safe but handwashing is recommended to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Sustainability criteria:
Natural materials
Minimum waste production
Ethically made
Made in EU

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Kolektiv DVA is a group of artist from Slovenia, currently living and working in Ljubljana. Combination of traditional pottery making techniques and their minimalist aesthetics results in the beautifully handcrafted accessories for the modern home. Kolektiv DVA is involved in every aspect of production – from designing to creating the items, so they have control over the quality of materials used and final results. They produce small, unique batches that are made with dedication and are handcrafted to perfection. Their goal is to create less in order to give you more.

How is your Bikafe set made?
Bikafe set is handmade using slip casting technique. As explained by Kolektiv DVA: “In slip casting we use liquid clay or stoneware that we pour into plaster moulds we design and make ourselves. The technique allows us to be able to produce very precise and consistent shapes in bigger batches, with no compromise on quality. We then pour liquid clay/stoneware to a mould, leaving it to dry. After taking the Bikafe set out of a mould, we leave it to dry and then sand it into final shape. Then follows bisque firing, cooling, cleaning, hand-glazing and final firing.”




Liquid stoneware clay with white matte glaze




Width: 60 mm
Height: 70 mm
Holds 100 ml

Width: 120 mm

Weight: 290 g

Sustainability criteria

Handmade, Locally made, Made in EU, Natural material


Made in Slovenia

Estimated delivery

5 – 7 working days

More information

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