Polygon Table


Polygon table has a construction of metal rods bent into shape of bracket with black lacquered upper surface which sums up into modernist shape. It has a little old-fashioned feel to it, but modern materials and minimalistic shape come together to stunning effect. Perfect as a side table, with just the right height. Spacious upper surface makes it suitable for your staple pieces. It comes in two colours – all black and black with white construction. Created by Prostoria, design: Numen/For Use

Sustainability criteria:
Optimisation of initial lifetime
Locally made
Made in EU


Established in 2011 at manufacturing facilities near Zagreb, Croatia, Prostoria was created from the desire to transmit the love for aesthetics to everyday objects. The company considers aesthetic as a basic human need but also acknowledges the importance of practical, functional and innovative which ultimately reflects in design of timeless objects. With every product they make Prostoria strives for innovation –  in conceptual or technological way, and pursues quality and long-term business growth in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.

Primarily inspired by everyday life and life stories, people at Prostoria design for people, they research, exchange ideas and knowledge by combining technology and materials – all this to express their heritage and passion for creating products meant for long-term use. Because of the unique way of understanding the importance of design and customer’s needs Prostoria was awarded with many international awards like Interior Innovation Award by German Design Council, the Red Dot Design Award, Golden key award from Belgrade Furniture Fair etc.





72 x 32 cm


Black, Black, Black, White


Made in Croatia

Production time

30-40 days

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