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Autumn workwear essentials - Nika Ravnik

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utopiast brings together some of the best independent designers and brands from South and Eastern Europe. If you would like to sell your products at, share with us your portfolio and a short description of yourself/your work below.

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1. We care

We have created utopiast because we want to help independent and emerging designers/brands in our region gain visibility and access to customers around the world who would be inspired by their creations. We want to be part of your success, and we want you to be a part of utopiast’s.

2. Access to the international market

We strive to create the curated marketplace that will attract shoppers from all over the world looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. We understand that shipping costs can be high, customs fees can be substantial and trips to the post office time consuming. That’s why we have built a partnership with courier service where we take care of everything and also pay the shipping costs!

3. You’re in a good company

Unlike other marketplaces, utopiast’s team hand selects the designers featured on the and approves every single item presented on the web page. We do this to ensure we only sell unique pieces that fit into the broader concept of utopiast store and consequently create a high-quality environment for customers and designers alike.

4. You have nothing to loose

Cooperation with utopiast is FREE. There’s no listing, joining, monthly or membership fees. We only take a commission when the sale occurs. Basically, utopiast provides you with another distribution channel that is created and maintained at no cost. What do you have to lose?

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