Bullarum SS Suspension Light

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Inspired by artisan craftsmanship as well as industrial modes of fabrication, Intueri Lights looks for the familiar and the timeless in design. The studio’s lighting collection includes this elegant pendant series. In addition to adjusting the suspension length of each pendant, the metal rods come standard with varying heights to create a staggered composition. Hand crafted of solid brass or copper, available in three options – with 1, 3 or 5 droplet like pendants.


Sustainability criteria:
Hand made
Locally made
Optimisation of initial lifetime



In latin, ‘intueri’ means “to see” in the sense of seeing more than meets the eye. Intueri Light continually strives to imbue their lamp designs and their production process with this trait.

Products are created through a modular design process with simple, timeless shapes, providing an endless palette of potential forms. Maximum quality is guaranteed, along with a compromise-free use of raw materials, by their score years of experience in the field, an indispensable asset to brand’s way of problem-solving. Only a small number of pieces are manufactured in order to ensure a great deal of exclusivity.


Intueri Light




90 mm x 300 mm


Made in Hungary

Production time

This item is made-to-mesure. Time to production up to 4 weeks.


SS1 Pendant, SS3 Pendant, SS5 Pendant

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