Ever wondered how the idea of indoor plants became so popular? Houseplants were once status symbols, meant to impress. From Roman times to renaissance, with lavish orangeries, indoor plants were in domain of wealthy.

Later, the industrial revolution coupled with advancements in architecture allowed for better-heated homes and more natural light. Houseplants became mainstream in 1950s. The rise of the modern office and workday spurred the development of indoor plant use.

In addition to adding a little something extra to the decor, plants breathe good energy. It stimulates the energy, you to feel more energized and refreshed.

Now for those of you who say you are plant killers, don’t panic. Right now I am seeing cactus everywhere. They are so undemanding and totally hard to kill. Not into the cactus look? That is okay. You can get some succulents of any other kind of houseplant that you like. Here is our guide to choosing the perfect, easy to care for plant.

Umbrella plants are pretty flexible about their watering schedules, but more tolerant of dry soil than overwatering. They don’t like wet feet, so empty the drainage saucer after watering.
Umbrella plants aren’t topping the lists of trendy houseplants these days, but they’re a low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for plant that can add graceful foliage to a room. Perhaps these under-appreciated beauties are due for a renaissance in your home.
Desert dwellers like succulents are able to store water for long periods of time, and their soil likes to stay dry. When you water your jade plant for example, feel free to give them a soak, but make sure they dry out completely — wait weeks (or even a month) before watering again. They will definitely benefit from less water.
This plant has a high drought tolerance, so when in doubt leave it alone. During summer months, it needs more water, and likes to be moister, but during winter months, it can go without for a month or longer. Watch for droopy leaves.


The Euphorbia ‘Cowboy’ is a beautiful and rare tropical succulent with a stunning shape. Although not a true cacti, they are often referred to as the Cowboy Cacti. Technically they are a succulent but they sure do look like a typical cactus. Euphorbia requires lots of sunlight. You can feel free to leave a few days dry between waterings.
Ferns are relatively easy to grow; however, drafts, dry air and temperature extremes won’t help. Ferns that are pampered and protected from things like dry air and temperature extremes will reward you with lush green fronds all year round.
This indoor tree has shiny leaves to add cheer to any indoor space. Its stems can be braided for a tidy topiary effect we love. This tree likes full sun, or at least bright, filtered light. Most varieties prefer several days of dry soil in between thorough watering.

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Written by: Katja Butala

Photos: utopiast archive and Pinterest

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