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  • Black selection_Celia Euvaldo

    The Dark Selection: Any Colour So Long as It Is Black

    Artwork by Célia Euvaldo "I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black," once said Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The supposed non-color, the result of the absence of light, was always the color of mystery, power, and mortality. For many, though, black continues to be the anchor of style. "Black is modest and arrogant [...] More
  • What We’re Into This Summer | Things to Read, Visit and Buy

    Time off, warmer weather, and longer days - what is not to love about summer? It's time to celebrate its arrival with small things like a weekend getaway, an exhibition visit, or new additions to the reading list. Here is a list of favorite things to see, do, buy, and listen to, according to our [...] More
  • Daybed_Rex_Kralj_white

    8 Tips for Decorating a Minimalist Bedroom

    If the closure of the outside world has thought us anything, it is to delve deep into our (literal) interior worlds and pay more attention to our living spaces. And there is no room more important for your well-being than a cozy bedroom that makes you feel sheltered from the chaos of the world. If [...] More
  • 7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Summer

    With summer just around the corner, now it is the perfect time to change your home’s decor for a breezier look and make the most of the days between solstice and equinox. You might not be able to travel to your dream summer location just yet, but you can still achieve the easy summertime living [...] More
  • Beige Wool Chunki Scarf by Dudzinska

    Beyond Basics: Elevated Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

    As temperatures drop and winter takes hold we start craving comfortable neutrals that are at once warm and cool. Exquisitely crafted pieces by our independent designers and brands have got you covered, literally. Simply add a statement piece of jewellery or a stand-out bag and you are all set. All the pieces are sustainably made [...] More
  • A Letter From Our CEO

    In the recent days we've woken up to the new reality. The world is in a state of fear and uncertainty that is stressful and overwhelming for all of us. We kept it pretty quiet on the utopiast's channels for the last couple of days since we wanted to take time to contemplate what is [...] More
  • 6 Simple Ways to Support Small Businesses Right Now

    In the recent days we've woken up to the new reality. The world is in a state of fear and uncertainty that is stressful and overwhelming for all of us. In times of uncertainty the small businesses, freelancers and artist are extra exposed and vulnerable to the economic slowdown. We brainstormed some tips how can [...] More
  • Cold Weather Comforts: Refined Layers in Warm Neutrals

    Wrap Yourself Up in Cozy Layers Shed your dark winter pieces in favor of lighter, brighter essentials in buttery soft wool, crispy cotton and shiny metals. Layering of warm basics in neutral colours does not only add insulation but it is also a perfect opportunity to mix rather than match textures and silhouettes. Opt for [...] More
  • Give Better: Utopiast Guide to Thoughtful Gifting

    For many considered the most beautiful time of the year can become quite challenging when you are faced with the list of everyone you need to show your gratitude. This year we encourage you to slightly change the perspective and consider a more thoughtful approach to gifting. Set the tone for a memorable holiday gift [...] More
  • Minimalism in Interior Design: Decorate Your Home Like a Minimalist

    Minimalism is a movement that flowed from popular art to home design in the 1960s, yet it’s still regarded as one of the most innovative styles. Minimalism has been labeled the pioneer of forward-thinking design. Minimal interior design breaks a room into the necessities—this means every single item must be functional. It values combination of [...] More
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