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  • Mleko Living: Essential over Excessive

    Mleko Living’s recipe for an easier and more satisfying life is to possess fewer things and choose for the simple ones. Choosing quality over quantity and essential over unnecessary makes our life less complicated and our home a peaceful place. And “Mleko” means milk: a simple product for daily use. Katarzyna Załuska and Michal Załuski. [...] More  →
  • Kaaita Copa Copa Slippers Available at

    Meet our Makers: Kaaita

    We spoke to KAAITA’s founder Alenka Repič. Alenka is one of those people who immediately exude real passion for what they do and what they stand for. She is a loud advocate of design with purpose. KAAITA focuses on the sustainable production of smartly designed goods. That is why they are interested in details and [...] More  →
  • Thrifting Made Easier: 5 Simple Steps to Second-Hand Shopping

    Never sure what to take home when you are out second-hand shopping? Or even what to leave behind since there are SOOO many things there. I agree it can be daunting to make the best buying decision. While everyone’s décor needs are different, I have discovered in many years of second-hand shopping that preparation is [...] More  →
  • Homage_Niko_kralj_portrait

    Homage to Niko Kralj: Unknown Famous Designer

    Unknown Famous Designer was the name of Niko Kralj’s anthological exhibition highlighting the lifetime achievements of prolific Slovenian designer, architect and lecturer few years ago. I used it as title of this story because it perfectly sums up the relationship we have with pioneer of Slovenian industrial design - he was often overlooked. Nearly every [...] More  →
  • Decorating Don’ts: Utopiast Cheat Sheet

    We have all been there; it looked amazing in our mind, each piece worked perfectly by it self, but when putting it all together, nothing worked as it was supposed to. Designing a home is a form of art: It takes a lot of time, patience and sometimes a few bad choices before we get [...] More  →
  • Milano Design Week Favourites

    Milano Design Week: Utopiast Favourites

    Milano design week is one of the biggest and most important fairs in the trade. It has been around since 1961, with the original focus on Italian furniture. The trade show grew in size and diversity over the years. Design week can be roughly divided in two main events. The ‘Salone del Mobile’ and ‘Fuorisalone’ [...] More  →
  • Utopiast bedroom reinvented

    Bedroom Reinvented: Tips and Tricks to Redesign your Bedroom

    The bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in the house. What can I say — I like sleeping. But I have actually struggled to get my bedroom remodeled for quite some time.I brooded over it for months – why wasn’t it perfectly cocooning and cosy? I have chosen the right colour, right bed for [...] More  →
  • Women in design

    Hommage to Women in Interior Design: The Forgotten Designers of the Twentieth Century

    The modernity of the twentieth century pushed women’s design skills to the side-lines, where it has been virtually ignored by design historians and theorists. But to address the question of gender in design in an objective and balanced manner, we first need to examine the great removal of the female gender perpetrated during the twentieth [...] More  →
  • Winter Skincare Refresh: Treat your Skin Generously

    Winter Skincare Refresh: Treat your Skin Generously

    At this point in the season, your coat rack is covered with heavy coats and your online shopping cart is full of too many scarves, gloves and knitwear and let’s not forget about the most essential part of winter: the ongoing battle with dry skin. As the low temperatures continue to linger, the dry environment [...] More  →
  • New Year, New Home: 4 Ways to Cosy up for Winter

    New Season, New Home: 4 Ways to Cosy up for Winter

    In an ideal world we’d all have a big fireplace to cosy-up in front of, warm glow filling the entire room. We’d be enjoying the seductive smell of burning logs and only moving from our sofas when we would needed to pour another drink. In an ideal world. In the real world of modern interiors and [...] More  →
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