Sometimes all it takes is a carefully chosen accessory to transform and instantly update any ensemble. A unique piece of jewelry acts as the final touch on beautiful canvas and adds elegance or edge. Trace of gold or silver instantly attaches effortless glamour and personal touch since there is no piece of jewelry that would not be connected to a special story or feeling.
Over the centuries jewelry has been a gift to symbolise many things but only in recent years it has become a gift that we legitimately feel we can give to ourselves. While it can be wonderful to receive jewelry from others either as a family heirloom or as a gift, there is something quite liberating about choosing and buying wearable piece of sculpture for yourself.
A carefully chosen jewelry has the power to transcend mere adornment to a personal signature. The trick to transformation is self-knowledge – finding a piece that suits your personal style and translates into timeless form. All that remains is wearing your jewelry piece every day and fearlessly combining it with old and new.
The modern creations of Bepart, the Mama Kin, Sanda Vidmar and Floios are distinctive yet subtle and therefore able to complement very different personalities of new owners. Designers take a forward-thinking approach to the classical jewelry and upgrade organic forms into strong statements. We invite  you to take a closer look at their earrings, rings, necklaces and cuffs, and the stories behind them.
“I find beauty in minimal forms, graphic elements and modern simplicity,” says Petra Arbetova who translates clean lines and geometric shapes into delicate and contemporary jewellery of her brand Bepart. Petra, who has a Masters degree in jewellery design, works with traditional goldsmithing technique and precious metals like a sterling silver and 14kt gold that give her jewellery high quality. Each piece is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand work.
  • B Necklace

  • Double Line Ring

  • Line Ear Climber

  • Tiny Bracelet

The Mama Kin
Driven by a passion for geometry and thrill of experimenting, the Mama Kin creates uniquely modern jewellery that favours minimalism over ornate embellishment. “I didn’t plan to become jewellery designer at all. I actually studied architecture and it still affects the way I see things,” says Kinga D. Nagy, founder of the Mama Kin. Since the brand’s birth in 2013, the Mama Kin collections reach modern women who like clean and straightforward things – jewellery that can fit as much into casual wear as perfectly complement a short black dress.
  • Daya Earrings

  • Fishbone U Earrings

  • Flat Bangle

  • Q Hair Barrette

Sanda Vidmar
Inspired by raw forms and strong statements, Sanda Vidmar creates unique contemporary jewellery that celebrates playful tenderness of the natural world and its organic forms. Her creations are distinctive yet subtle and therefore able to complement very different personalities of new owners. Powerful statement pieces are handmade of sterling silver in designer’s studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Eagle’s Beak Pendant

  • Eagle’s Beak Ring

  • Twig Silver Ring – Black

  • Walnut Silver Ring

Floios Jewelry
Studio Floios celebrates the natural world by creating sustainable jewellery pieces made of recycled silver. The result are minimal unaltered forms of nature, their shape forever captured in a shell of silver recovered from electronic waste. Designed and handmade by the designer Tina Košak in her studio in Slovenia, each piece is made in small series with special attention to detail, embracing the natural imperfections of the hand work.
  • Cypress – Friendship Pin

  • Rosehip – Matchmaker Necklace

  • Sage – Wisdom and Protection Necklace

  • Seed – Prosperity & Growth Necklace

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