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  • Made for you. Literally.

    Made for you. Literally. Imagine... Instead of wearing cookie-cutter clothes and accessories, you order a piece, provide us with your measurements, eagerly await the delivery for 14 days, and then wear your custom-made garment forever after. While made-to-order clothing isn’t anything new (it was in fact a norm up until the mid-to-late 20th century), we’re [...] More
  • Black selection_Celia Euvaldo

    The Dark Selection: Any Colour So Long as It Is Black

    Artwork by Célia Euvaldo "I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black," once said Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The supposed non-color, the result of the absence of light, was always the color of mystery, power, and mortality. For many, though, black continues to be the anchor of style. "Black is modest and arrogant [...] More
  • Spring Ready: Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

    A new season calls for a fresh perspective. Simple style changes are all you need to streamline your wardrobe for spring. Discover our selection of this season’s favourite pieces and embrace a more sustainable wardrobe with modern tailoring, statement bags, and jewellery pieces created by independent designers and slow fashion brands. We’ve brought together a [...] More
  • In Focus: Female-Founded Slow Fashion Brands

    Fashion often serves as a platform for celebrating women's empowerment, diversity, and individuality. Yet, the glamourous facade more often than not conceals a harsh reality: the exploitation of countless women, consistently underpaid, overworked, and mistreated throughout the industry's supply chain. Their voices silenced, their rights disregarded. It's a heartbreaking paradox: the industry that claims to [...] More
  • Beige Wool Chunki Scarf by Dudzinska

    Beyond Basics: Elevated Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

    As temperatures drop and winter takes hold we start craving comfortable neutrals that are at once warm and cool. Exquisitely crafted pieces by our independent designers and brands have got you covered, literally. Simply add a statement piece of jewellery or a stand-out bag and you are all set. All the pieces are sustainably made [...] More
  • Introducing: Evgenija Zafirovska

    Harmony between comfort, practicality and style is the signature aesthetic of Evgenija Zafirovska, young clothing brand created by Macedonian designer of the same name. The Ljubljana-based womenswear brand is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a sense of refined ease. Inspiration drawn from the contemporary architecture is combined with an [...] More
  • Studio August spring/summer 17 collection - available at

    Summer Ready: Ethically-Made Wardrobe Essentials

    Summer is the season of simplicity. Rapidly increasing temperatures call for comfort and light, airy garments in all-natural fabrics. Instead of dressing down, keep cool with separates that look polished and fit flawlessly. Prepare for the change of pace by refining your wardrobe to a handful of trusted pieces by our independent designers and sustainable [...] More
  • Moving on From the Binary: Ludus Agender Label

    Although often misunderstood and reduced to the aesthetic alone, fashion can be also important communication tool addressing complex cultural issues and social changes. One of them is gender fluidity that has recently started to pervade our collective consciousness. Dragan Hristov has been using it as a main source of inspiration for years and gradually transformed [...] More
  • Monday to Friday: Sustainable Workwear Edit

    Whether you work in a corporate environment with mandatory suiting or you keep it casual at the co-working space or your home office, getting dressed in the morning can sometimes feel pretty uninspiring. When you feel stuck rely on great workwear foundations that work even when you don't want to. Versatile investment pieces by our [...] More
  • Cold Weather Comforts: Refined Layers in Warm Neutrals

    Wrap Yourself Up in Cozy Layers Shed your dark winter pieces in favor of lighter, brighter essentials in buttery soft wool, crispy cotton and shiny metals. Layering of warm basics in neutral colours does not only add insulation but it is also a perfect opportunity to mix rather than match textures and silhouettes. Opt for [...] More
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