• BEPART JEWELLERY available at utopiast.com

    Signature Pieces: Unique Jewelry to Love and Wear Forever

    Sometimes all it takes is a carefully chosen accessory to transform and instantly update any ensemble. A unique piece of jewelry acts as the final touch on beautiful canvas and adds elegance or edge. Trace of gold or silver instantly attaches effortless glamour and personal touch since there is no piece of jewelry that would [...] Read more
  • Beige Wool Chunki Scarf by Dudzinska

    Beyond Basics: Elevated Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

    As temperatures drop and winter takes hold we start craving comfortable neutrals that are at once warm and cool. Exquisitely crafted pieces by our independent designers and brands have got you covered, literally. Simply add a statement piece of jewellery or a stand-out bag and you are all set. All the pieces are sustainably made [...] Read more
  • New & Now: Spring at Utopiast

    New & Now: Spring at Utopiast

    Prepare to make the most of longer, warmer days with our new arrivals that shine especially when the sun comes out. We have brought together timeless, classic shapes and neutral tones by our independent designers and brands that will allow you to combine them in infinite ways depending on the context. 05 studio Based in [...] Read more
  • Studio August spring/summer 17 collection - available at utopiast.com

    Cold Weather Comforts: Refined Layers in Warm Neutrals

    Wrap Yourself Up in Cozy Layers Shed your dark winter pieces in favor of lighter, brighter essentials in buttery soft wool, crispy cotton and shiny metals. Layering of warm basics in neutral colours does not only add insulation but it is also a perfect opportunity to mix rather than match textures and silhouettes. Opt for [...] Read more
  • 05 studio Effortless top - available at utopiast.com

    Effortlessly Modern: Intimate Layers by 05 Studio

    Effortlessly modern, comfortable, yet distinctive. There are few pieces in our wardrobes that need to meet higher expectations than lingerie. Beside flattering the body, the most intimate layers also need to support us in daily activities, impart confidence while staying comfortable.   Fortunately new generation of designers is approaching these wardrobe foundations with fresh inspirations [...] Read more
  • Summer Ready: Modern Workwear Essentials

    I know... your work style is probably the last thing on your mind upon the arrival of the sweet summer season. But the truth is although we look forward to our days off, we still spend most of the summer Mondays-to-Fridays in the office trying to look smart and polished. Therefore we've brought together a [...] Read more
  • Studio August spring/summer 17 collection - available at utopiast.com

    Modern Simplicity: Elevated Wardrobe Essentials by August

    Clean forms, refined lines, silent expressiveness. Harmony between comfort, practicality, and style is the the signature aesthetic of August, the clothing line created by Äli Kargoja. Born and raised in Talinn, Estonia, Äli created her brand after graduation from Studio Berçot Fashion School in Paris and work at the studios of Nicolas Andreas Taralis and [...] Read more
  • Minimalism in fashion_Maison Margiela

    Quiet but Powerful: Minimalism in Fashion

    Inside Martin Margiela's all-white maison / photo source There are few schools of thought, philosophy or design that have been so consistently reused and revisited as minimalism. Many times considered as a blank sheet, starting point from which everything originates and to which the designers return to renew and recharge, #minimalism has been recently exploited [...] Read more
  • Less is More: Modern Jewellery by Bepart

    “I find beauty in minimal forms, graphic elements and modern simplicity,” says Petra Arbetova who translates clean lines and geometric shapes into delicate and contemporary jewellery. Born and raised in Piestany, small spa town in Slovakia, Petra founded her jewellery line in 2012 when she returned from her studies in Finland. Arbetova, who has a [...] Read more
  • 10 Steps to Becoming More Conscious Fashion Consumer

    Ever since I remember, I have loved clothes. They have always been my form of self-expression, exercise in identity and creativity. I have mostly bought them abroad and took them home as a souvenirs, inherited them from my mum, ordered online for a specific occasion or had them made-to-measure for me only. Therefore they serve [...] Read more
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