For many considered the most beautiful time of the year can become quite challenging when you are faced with the list of everyone you need to show your gratitude. This year we encourage you to slightly change the perspective and consider a more thoughtful approach to gifting. Set the tone for a memorable holiday gift exchange by following these tips:

#1 Think About the Recepient

Sometimes it feels super difficult to choose the gifts for the people you love. Therefore it is important to take time to think about their personality, interests and wishes and map out a list of ideas at least few weeks in advance. A truly thoughtful gift usually transcends what is visible at first sight and shows the recipients that their perosnality and inner qualities are recognized and appreciated.

#2 Choose Gifts Wisely

We preach it all the time but let me repeat it once more. This world is filled with things we don’t need, things we don’t want. Therefore when you are giving away physical objects, take a more discerning approach and buy timeless, versatile things that your loved ones will love to have around and cherish for years to come.
I have noticed that the best gifts usually fall into one of these categories:
– something they need but they had somehow not spotted or bought themselves
Think about the receipents, their life, interests and hobbies. Is there something they need or secretly wish and haven’t bought yet?
– gifts that encourage
A good gift encourages recepients to think about their desires, reflect on themselves, take action and change. These gift show them that you cherish not only who they are, but also who they might become.
– self-reflective gifts
Or simply give away a bit of yourself like your favourite book, home baked goods, drinks, candle, flowers etc. – something that feels personal, shows your personality and make the recepient feel closer to you. Bonus points if you bring something that can be finished up and consumed without adding additional cluter to their home.

At utopiast we have brought together some of the best gifts made by our independent designers and brands. With the purchase you will not only spread joy among your loved ones but also support craftsmanship in the region and help our designers grow.

#3 Think Outside of the Box

Sometimes the best gift isn’t a tangible object, but a memory. Science shows that experiences make us much happier than things, so when choosing gifts for friends that reject the idea of owning more stuff, think outside of the box. A spa visit, weekend getaway, city trip, museum pass, a magazine subscription, cooking class, workshop etc. will create memories that will last much longer than any physical object. And don’t forget: presence is the best present.

#4 Wrap It Up

What you give is as important as how you give it. Thoughtful gifters pay attention to details, therefore take time to wrap the presents well and don’t forget to attach a neat, well-written tag. Discover our suggestions for unique gift wrapping and set the tone for a memorable holiday gift exchange.

#5 Give Without Expectations

Yes, it’s nice to get gifts during the holidays, but the age-old cliche is also true: it’s better to give than to receive”. And the true gift is one that expects nothing in return. Therefore this year try to give without any expectations. This way you will offer the recipient something even more meaningful: the freedom to react as they choose.
Written by Sandra Gubenšek, photos by utopiast

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