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  • Meet The Makers: Sanda Vidmar

    »I believe the most precious jewellery is the one that starts new conversations and conveys meaning to you personally,« explains Sanda Vidmar, a Slovenian jewellery designer and maker behind her one-woman-business. It is a statement reflected in her work. Sanda's creations are wearable works of art that tell stories about nature and the cycle of [...] More
  • In Focus: Female-Founded Slow Fashion Brands

    Fashion often serves as a platform for celebrating women's empowerment, diversity, and individuality. Yet, the glamourous facade more often than not conceals a harsh reality: the exploitation of countless women, consistently underpaid, overworked, and mistreated throughout the industry's supply chain. Their voices silenced, their rights disregarded. It's a heartbreaking paradox: the industry that claims to [...] More
  • Introducing: Evgenija Zafirovska

    Harmony between comfort, practicality and style is the signature aesthetic of Evgenija Zafirovska, young clothing brand created by Macedonian designer of the same name. The Ljubljana-based womenswear brand is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a sense of refined ease. Inspiration drawn from the contemporary architecture is combined with an [...] More
  • Introducing Rou Products: Minimal Home Accessories by Alicja Pałys

    Rou Products started with a mission to create high quality home accessories and art pieces for everyday use with unique, personal character. "The new objects have to make sense and be meaningful to the customer", her inspiration describes Alicja Pałys, the creative force behind the brand who puts a lot of thought into creating timeless [...] More
  • Moving on From the Binary: Ludus Agender Label

    Although often misunderstood and reduced to the aesthetic alone, fashion can be also important communication tool addressing complex cultural issues and social changes. One of them is gender fluidity that has recently started to pervade our collective consciousness. Dragan Hristov has been using it as a main source of inspiration for years and gradually transformed [...] More
  • prostoria: Innovation as Social Responsibility

    Design brand Prostoria was created from the desire to transmit the love for aesthetics to everyday objects. The company considers aesthetic as a necessity but also acknowledges the importance of practical, functional and innovative which ultimately reflects in design of timeless objects. Prostoria is a story about the reintroduction of continuity both in Croatia and Central [...] More
  • Homage_Niko_kralj_portrait

    Homage to Niko Kralj: Unknown Famous Designer

    Unknown Famous Designer was the name of Niko Kralj’s anthological exhibition highlighting the lifetime achievements of prolific Slovenian designer, architect and lecturer few years ago. I used it as the title of this story because it perfectly sums up the relationship we have with a pioneer of Slovenian industrial design who was often overlooked. Nearly [...] More
  • 05 studio Effortless top - available at

    Effortlessly Modern: Intimate Layers by 05 Studio

    Effortlessly modern, comfortable, yet distinctive. There are few pieces in our wardrobes that need to meet higher expectations than lingerie. Beside flattering the body, the most intimate layers also need to support us in daily activities, impart confidence while staying comfortable.   Fortunately new generation of designers is approaching these wardrobe foundations with fresh inspirations [...] More
  • Studio August spring/summer 17 collection - available at

    Modern Simplicity: Elevated Wardrobe Essentials by August

    Clean forms, refined lines, silent expressiveness. Harmony between comfort, practicality, and style is the the signature aesthetic of August, the clothing line created by Äli Kargoja. Born and raised in Talinn, Estonia, Äli created her brand after graduation from Studio Berçot Fashion School in Paris and work at the studios of Nicolas Andreas Taralis and [...] More
  • Less is More: Modern Jewellery by Bepart

    “I find beauty in minimal forms, graphic elements and modern simplicity,” says Petra Arbetova who translates clean lines and geometric shapes into delicate and contemporary jewellery. Born and raised in Piestany, small spa town in Slovakia, Petra founded her jewellery line in 2012 when she returned from her studies in Finland. Arbetova, who has a [...] More
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